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How to Use The Box Set to Feel Stronger, Clearer and Better Rested Everyday

Image of soulside clean energy, full recovery and sweet slumber in the sand at sunset on the beach. These tinctures are a daily solution for energy, focus, stamina, athletic performance, recovery, muscle build, immunity, brain health and sleep.
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Hello! Katie and Shaun here. 

Our Box Set - the Clean Energy, Full Recovery and Sweet Slumber - has become integral in our everyday lives. Daily use of these three tinctures has had an enormous positive effect on both of us (and our other testers!). In this article we share share how we are using these three daily tinctures to help us feel stronger, clearer and better rested every single day.

The plants and herbs in these tinctures are powerful whole system supporters that have a myriad of positive effects on human physiology and therefore, have impacts you’ll notice beyond just the moment you take them.

clean energy herbal tincture

Clean Energy

The energy booster and focuser.

This tincture was formulated with the intention of improving alertness, endurance, and performance. It is a natural vasodilator that improves oxygen delivery to your tissues and includes plants that modulate stress, are anti-inflammatory, and maximize athletic performance, as well as cognitive function.

This tincture is a staple before we work out, take a yoga class, go for a run or even sit down at the compute to do some work. We immediately notice that the breath is a bit easier and more full and our muscles have increased stamina during our movement practice.

How we use it:

This is our morning formulation. 

We take a dropperful or two under the tongue before any movement or we sit down to work.

Taking this pre-workout formulation makes us feel like the body has more capacity, because the breath feels deeper and our muscles have more endurance.

The formulation does not make us feel jittery or “hopped up” like other pre-workout supplements, but rather has more subtle effects, which is great because there is no energetic crash on the back end of using it. 

We both notice that our chests have room for deeper breaths, which is a result of the vasodilation that occurs. This effect is actually very calming. So, while it is intended to be an energy-boosting formulation, we are also using it to feel calm and generally supported.

Bottom line - this tincture for us is a daily driver. The plants in it are so supportive to the system that we really notice a difference in our overall energy, mood, and output when we take it regularly. 

full recovery herbal tincture

Full Recovery

The tissue builder and pain killer.

This tincture was formulated to be the recovery blend. It has plants that promote tissue healing and muscle growth, boost brain health, and are anti-inflammatory to reduce pain and improve a variety of systems in your body.

This tincture is a staple after we workout or when we feel that our body needs extra support in rebuilding after an especially challenging physical exertion. It also has adaptogenic plants with positive cognitive and stress-modulating effects, so we take it to feel mentally supported in our recovery as well.

How we use it:

This is our midday or afternoon blend. 

We generally work out in the morning, so we usually take this blend immediately after a workout or midday/afternoon. 

This blend has subtle immediate effects, though we do notice a reduction in muscle and joint pain and a sense of calm, but has significant effects systemically over time. 

Both Katie and Shaun have noticed less muscle soreness, better muscle growth, and a sense of feeling stronger with superior recovery. Since starting this blend, we both feel like we are much better able to approach our daily workouts with vitality. And our moods have improved!!

Before using this formulation, yesterday’s workout often made it difficult to approach today’s. Now, it feels like our recovery is so much better, which means that consistency feels truly accessible. 

We each will also take it in response to body aches, pains, and injuries. When something feels tweaked or particularly sore, we will take this formulation. Often we immediately notice a reduction in pain or a sense of feeling supported in recovery and we always notice reduced recovery times and better healing capacity at the injury or sore site.

sleep aid herbal tincture

Sweet Slumber

The muscle tension soother and mind relaxer. This tincture lives on our bedside table, so we can easily take it before sleep. 

It was created to regulate your nervous system, relieve muscle tension and encourage deep rest. It has plants that are sedating, anxiety-relieving, and pain-reducing. 

How we use it:

This is our nighttime blend. 

We typically take this tincture as we are getting into bed to settle in for the night. 

This formulation calms the mind and we get into a deeper sleep, faster. Even though we sleep deeper, we do not feel any sort of hangover or drowsiness the next day like other sleep aids leave us with, which is really important to us feeling well overall and being able to do all the things we like to do effectively. 

In particular, we notice that if we get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom or something wakes us, it is much easier to fall back asleep and then wake up rested in the morning.

Let us know your questions in the comments!

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