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Step by Step: How Exactly to Use a Tincture to Get the Most Medicinal Benefit

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So, you have been introduced to the world of tinctures. You now know that with the simple action of putting a formula under your tongue, you can positively influence your energy, mood, sleep, exercise performance and so much more. 

But maybe you still feel unclear on exactly how to take a tincture properly. No fear! In this article, I will describe how to take a tincture. What you'll find is that it is actually pretty simple. 

When we created Soulside, we know that we had to formulate nutritional supplements that were portable, easy to use and effective all at the same time. Our tinctures check all these boxes and the ease of use is something we are pretty proud of.


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Step by Step How to Take a Tincture

1. Shake the bottle.

2. Squeeze desired amount into the dropper.

3. Open your mouth and place the tincture under your tongue.

4. Hold under your tongue for 30 seconds to a minute. I love to close my eyes, take 3-5 deep breaths and sense the tincture throughout my body.

5. Swallow the tincture.

That's it! Simple, right?

The most nuanced part of taking tinctures is deciding how much to take and when to take them. 

How much tincture should you take?

Our tinctures are a potent blend of plants, herbs and adaptogens designed to work with your body to improve wellbeing and not simply mask symptoms or override your current state. We love making tinctures, because they require you to pay attention to your body and notice how they are working for you. 

Typically, our tincture dosing is between ¼ to two full droppers of the tincture.

When we say a full dropper, we mean the amount of tincture that comes up into the dropper when you squeeze it (even though the dropper might not be completely full).

However, the most important part of dosing is to pay attention to your own body’s reaction and using your own mindfulness of your current state to decide how much to take. For example, if your energy is dragging before a workout, you might decide to up your dosage of the pre-workout and take two droppers instead of one.

Didn’t feel enough of an impact? Try upping the amount next time. Felt a little too much? Take less. Using our tinctures is an act of mindfulness, because they require that you pay attention to the subtle signals of your body. They foster a sense of trusting yourself to pay attention and listen to what your body is telling you.

Our tinctures are 100% natural and include ingredients that are supportive to overall wellbeing. You can’t overdose or “take too much”, but remember more is not always more. Get to know your blend and find the dosing that works best for you. 

When should you take your tinctures?

The answer to this question depends on the blend that you are working with. Some of the blends have specific immediate effects that are described on the bottle to indicate when or when not you should take them.

For example, the sleep tincture is meant for before bed to help your body and mind relax into a deep rest. That means that you likely wouldn't want to take this tincture first thing in the morning or before working. You would definitely use it before bed, but you also might decide to take it when you want those types of effects. Say you are feeling anxious and want to take the afternoon to rest, calm down and be still - you could decide to take the tincture then.

Other tinctures have less potent immediate effects. The Full Recovery tincture is meant to help your muscles recover and is wonderful to take immediately after exertion, but it is also a generally supportive blend that can be take any time of day.

Many people ask whether it matters when you take the tinctures as it relates to eating food. The great thing about tinctures is that most of the phytonutrients and minerals cross into the blood stream sublingually. As you hold the tincture under your tongue, the magic is happening. So it doesn't matter if you take them on an empty or full stomach!

We hope this article helped you understand how simple it is to get the benefits of tinctures. If you have any specific questions, let us know in the comments below!

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