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How to Use the Soulside Box Set to Boost Immunity and Energy Through This Holiday Season

Image of Soulside tinctures in sand - three natural herbal supplement tinctures for natural energy, recovery, sleep, immunity, brain health.
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During the holidays we need extra support for our immunity, recovery and cognitive health.

These are the areas that tend to become most vulnerable during this time of year.

Stress, travel and dietary changes impact your immunity. The same factors may make it hard to recover and get the rest/nightly sleep that you need to feel your best. And the fullness of the season can cause us to cognitively feel overwhelmed and depleted.

We created Soulside tinctures with these exact uses in mind. We wanted to create medicinal blends that were easy to use, highly portable, covered multiple bases and offered daily energetic support. They are TSA-friendly, easy to take with you wherever you go and can be placed directly under your tongue for the most powerful effect - no water or pill bottles needed! 

This holiday season consider these tinctures to keep you feeling healthy and strong:

Clean Energy:

A healthy and natural alternative to caffeine, sugar and artificial energy drinks/shots, this tincture would be excellent to use for an energy boost throughout the holidays.

Use it as part of your morning routine, for a little boost before a party or as a pick me up when you are feeling run down.

It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant rich ingredients, including green coffee, yerba mate and kava kava, as well as energy boosting and stress-reducing plants, like cordyceps and rhodiola.

Instead of reaching for another caffeine and sugar drink - which is sure to send you on an energy roller coaster that results in a crash later and reduces immunity and recovery ability - go for the tincture that not only gives you the energy you need, but will simultaneously add immune and cognitive boosting effects.

Full Recovery:

With additional stress, travel and sleep disruption comes a depleted sense of recovery and compromised immunity.

This tincture would be excellent to take during or after airplane travel, after a late night, daily as an immunity blend or when you get that run down/fried feeling.

Every single plant in this blend (boswellia, turmeric, ginseng, goji berries and reishi) is excellent for your immune system and has anti-inflammatory properties to help keep you nourished and healthy.

Just one dropperful under the tongue (so easy!) could be the single daily action that keeps you feeling like yourself through the season.

Sweet Slumber:

Sleep is one of the foundational pillars of feeling good in your body, heart and mind. And the holidays can take a serious toll on consistent, restful sleep. T

his blend not only will help you fall and stay asleep, but has plants like skullcap, passionflower and linden flower that have been shown to have positive effects on your nervous system and stress response.

A dropperful before bed will help you sleep deeper, resulting in positive effects on your immunity, recovery and mental health, and will actively help you to calm your nervous system to get through the holidays with more ease.

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