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Yoga. Body Science. Surf. Rest. Renewal.

We will meet on the southern tip of Baja California Sur in Mexico to usher ourselves into the spring season with daily yoga and meditation, body science sessions, organic local food, and deep community connection.

During this retreat, you will experience daily morning vinyasa yoga classes with Katie and afternoon body science sessions with Shaun in which you will be expertly guided through recovery strategies, myofascial techniques, and self-care approaches to help you feel grounded and strong in your body.

This retreat will give you time and tools to recover, rest and renew. 

You will feel held in a playful and safe space to go deeper into your yoga practice, learn practical tools for body recovery and take time out of your normal schedule to feel rejuvenated and connected.


Do you feel like you have time to truly recover?Do you feel like you have the tools you need to feel rejuvenated and renewed?

image of the pool overlooking the ocean at the location in Baja california, mexico for the soulside spring renewal and recovery yoga retreat

This is for you, if:

  • You tell yourself every year you will book a sunny getaway in the late winter months as an act of self-care
  • You have been curious to go deeper into your yoga practice
  • You're openminded and ready to have a transformative travel experience
  • You have been imagining slowing way down, turning off your devices and creating time to connect with yourself, nature and new friends
  • You love the idea of just booking a plane ticket and knowing the rest is taken care of for you
  • Your body has been craving extra attention and love, and you would like to learn strategies for more effective self-care, injury prevention, and wellbeing 
TAKE ME TO MEXICO (payment plans available)

Have questions? Or want to meet your leaders?

Book a free call to connect with your leaders, ask questions, and learn more about the retreat.

Image of bedroom accommodations for the soulside spring renewal and recovery yoga retreat in baja california, mexico

A Sample Day on Retreat in Baja:

  • 7am: continental breakfast + beach stroll
  • 9am: vinyasa flow yoga practice
  • 10:30am: hearty brunch
  • 12pm: optional surf lesson + beach time
  • 4pm: afternoon snack
  • 5:30pm: body science session
  • 7pm: dinner
  • 8pm and beyond: hot tub hang + heart talks + early bed
Book Now
Image of the yoga studio for the Soulside spring renewal and recovery yoga retreat in baja california, mexico

What's Included

  • 5 nights, 6 days accommodations in Baja California Sur's most magical retreat location, steps from the ocean
  • Daily continental breakfast bar, hearty brunch, afternoon snacks, and dinners utilizing organic, local ingredients 
  • Transfer to and from the airport (must arrive between 2-4pm to SJD and schedule your departure flight after 1pm from SJD)
  • Daily yoga, meditation and breathwork sessions in the yoga studio overlooking the ocean
  • Thoughtfully curated and health-conscious gift bag 
  • Opening and closing ceremonies
  • Access to pool, hot tub, meditation areas and plenty of time to rest, read, nap or adventure off-site to explore
  • Optional add ons for additional charge: surf lessons, bodywork/massage, facial
  • Not included in the price: flights to and from Baja California, Mexico, alcohol, any COVID tests (if required), travel insurance, hotel staff tips, spa services
Book with Deposit Today
Image of the retreat leaders, Shaun Naughton and Katie Halsted, for the Soulside spring renewal and recovery yoga retreat in baja california, mexico

Meet Your Leaders, Shaun Naughton + Katie Halsted

With decades of experience in the yoga, fitness and mental health fields between us, we are so ready to host you in Mexico for a transformative and heart-centered travel experience.

Our magic is in facilitating and creating intentional and sacred experiences. We know when to dim the lights, what music to set the vibe and how to bring a group together.

Katie is a licensed clinical social worker and registered yoga teacher with 7 years of yoga teaching experience. Shaun is a registered yoga teacher and personal trainer with over 20 years of experience teaching self-care and recovery strategies to performance athletes and students.

With the two of us holding retreat space together, you can expect extra attention to detail, a variety of teachings and total freedom to relax into the retreat life during your stay in Mexico.

Genuine recovery is one of the most overlooked aspects of any personal growth journey. 

We all need time to rest, integrate and simply be in order to meet our next phase of growth.During this retreat you will have time and space, along with expert support, new self-care techniques and heartfelt community to do nothing but enjoy yourself, the Mexican coastline, and the practice.You will feel held, supported and appreciated.


Rooms + Rates

Our retreat location is a luxurious eco-chic yoga & wellness space nestled in Baja California Sur’s charming agricultural El Pescadero community, with the Pacific Ocean just a few steps from the front door. 

Rooms can be booked individually or as a group. Most of the available rooms are shared with other guests and this is by design. Retreats offer an incredible opportunity for connection and when you share a room with other retreat travelers, the heart-connection deepens.

Once you pay your deposit to save your spot, you will receive an email confirming your room type and inviting you to choose from a more detailed selection of preferences.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to katie@gosoulside.com with any questions.

Save Your Spot (payment plans available)

    The luxurious penthouse suite with 4 singles or two kings (depending on the number and configuration of attendees), en suite bathroom, large kitchen and a spacious ocean view patio living room with fire pit. 


    *payment plans available

    Book Now 

    Five single beds, kitchenette, en suite bathroom, private patio with panoramic ocean views, perfect for friends.


    *payment plans available

    Book Now 
  • PISCINA SUITES ($2995)

    One queen bed, en suite bathroom, sweeping ocean views, located on the same level as the pool and jacuzzi.

    $2495 when booked with a friend or partner

    Book Now 

Have questions or want to meet your leaders?

Book a free call to connect with your leaders, ask questions, and learn more about the retreat.


Vinyasa Yoga with Katie

Our morning vinyasa yoga classes will be guided by Katie, who has been a yoga teacher for six and a half years.

Katie's classes are known for being grounded, mindful, challenging (though accessible to beginners), flowing and have a sincere focus on using the yoga practice and yoga principles to learn to care for yourself and bring yourself in closer alignment with your true nature.

On retreat in Mexico, you can expect our yoga classes to hold a particular magic - between longer class times, no overlapping studio classes, the inspiration of the setting overlooking the ocean, and the intimacy of a group of people practicing everyday together, they really are something special and will impact you differently than your classes at home.

  • "Katie’s yoga classes are wonderfully thoughtful and fun. Her sequencing is intentional and engaging, while giving students the space to modify when needed. She always has an incitement message for her students to think about through class, which always resonates with me. I feel more calm, stretched out, energized and more powerful (mentally and physically) after her classes, which is exactly what I want from a yoga class!"

    - Natalie

  • "Without a doubt I would recommend Katie to friends, colleagues and especially my family. If I won the lottery, I would share Katie’s wisdom with the world, so those I love could grow in the light of Katie’s wisdom”

    - Jolina

  • "Thank you for being a vital part of my morning routine. You create the perfect class by balancing breathing and movement. Listening to your voice grounds me and allows me to relax as I lay on my mat leaving me with a sensation of ease and calmness."


Image of the yoga studio overlooking the ocean during sunset at the soulside spring renewal and recovery yoga retreat in baja california mexico near todos santos.

Body Science Sessions with Shaun

Our afternoon/evening movement sessions will be expertly guided by Shaun, who has been a committed movement practitioner, trainer, and teacher for decades.

As any movement enthusiast knows, body pain and injury are a part of life. Shaun will guide you through Body Science Sessions, in which he will teach recovery strategies, myofascial techniques, and self-care approaches to help you feel grounded and strong in your body. 

These sessions will help you uncover the linkages between yoga, movement arts, corrective exercise, and energy work to broaden the landscape of your physical and mental practices.

You will leave this retreat with practical and helpful tools for injury prevention, pain management, and self-care beyond your yoga practice.

  • “Shaun knows more about health and fitness than anyone I’ve ever met. As far as recommendations go, I’ve never been able to say someone saved my life, which is the case with Shaun. I seriously owe this guy everything,  I can’t recommend him enough”. 

    - Jay

  • "Shaun is a remarkable person and a truly unique trainer.  His combination of knowledge, focus, positivity, compassion, and ability to empower others makes him not only a powerful teacher but also a delightful human being.  I have known Shaun for over 10 years, and consider him a dear friend and great inspiration."

    - Gretchen

  • "I am highly recommending Shaun, not only as a trainer, also as a guide – someone who brings his eclectic athletic background to each of his clients – customizing and individualizing as needed, depending on the athletes individual goals. Finding immense strength inside and out as I pursue biggest triathlon challenges to date. Thank you Shaun!"

    - Sarah


    Yes! Please email katie@gosoulside.com when booking and let us know that your requirements are. We can communicate with the chef and it is highly likely that we will be able to accommodate preferences (gluten free, dairy free, vegan, etc.).


    Absolutely! The beauty of this retreat center is that it boasts comfortable rooms that are meant to be shared and it would be an excellent trip to take with friends. Please email katie@gosoulside.com to coordinate room selections. Groups of 3 or more receive a reduced rate.


    A $500 deposit is non-refundable. If you pay in full, $500 of the total balance is non-refundable. Cancellations before December 29, 2023 will receive a full deposit, less $500. Cancellations after December 30, 2023 are non-refundable due to our payment terms with the retreat center. 


    Yes! Please make sure you can meet this requirement before registering.


    It is highly recommended that you purchase travel insurance that covers your expenditures for the trip, including retreat cost and airfare, as well as medical coverage and repatriation, in case of medical emergency. 


    Great! Please email katie@gosoulside.com or book a call by clicking here, and we would be happy to connect with you.

Say ‘yes’ to a transformative travel experience in Mexico

Limited spots available. Save your spot with a $500 deposit today. PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE.