A bit about us.

Image of surfers at the beach in the back of a truck taking Soulside energy tincture before a surf session

Who We Are

Soulside is a breakout wellness brand that focuses on the highest quality, all-natural health solutions available and an authentic connection with our customers.

We seek to create products that amplify one's lifeforce on a daily basis. In turn, by creating new habits of physical and spiritual health, we envision building a community that rallies around a new paradigm of wellness and works towards a society built on truth, transparency, and prosperity.

Image of a surfer holding Soulside 2oz recovery tincture, an organic herbal extraction for muscle build, fatigue, recovery, soreness, brain health and immunity.

Our Values

Ahimsa: The yogic practice of non-harming. We practice mindful compassion with ourselves, each other, our larger community and the planet.

Holism: All parts of us are in intimate interconnection and we cannot understand one aspect of our health and wellbeing without referencing the whole, including our interdependent relationship with all other beings and nature.

Personal Response Ability: We believe in the human capacity for growth and inner exploration. We encourage each of our individual journeys to responsibility for our own thoughts, actions and impact.

Mindful Relationship: The quality of our relationships - with ourselves, each other and the natural world - is a profound marker of health. We work towards relationships that are rooted in mindful presence and compassion.

Creativity: Creative exploration and expression is the heartbeat of a well-lived life. Through the pursuit of an energetic, healthy lifestyle, we naturally uplift the creative energy within each of us. 

Truthfulness: We express ourselves with rigorous truthfulness and approach life and business with a beginner’s mind, so that as we know better, we do and express better.

Image of Soulside founders, Katie and Shaun, who built the company based on health, althletic performance, wellness, organic and natural remedies for sleep, recovery, immunity, energy, focus, brain health and performance.

Our Founders

For Shaun, Soulside is the natural evolution of the work he has been doing for years in the health and fitness world. He was the guy biohacking performance and downing wheatgrass shots before anyone knew what wheatgrass was. He has guided thousands of clients over his career, including dozens of professional and amateur athletes through ultra-marathons, triathlons, peak ascents, competitions of every sort as well as entire lifestyle and fitness overhauls. His clients have graced the covers of Time magazine as well as topped the billboard charts and are undeniably world-shakers and trend-makers. For Katie, Soulside was also born out of her own professional experience in social work, teaching yoga, and a decade-long personal history with chronic illness. She knows the power of plant medicine, wellness education, fitness, nutrition, and community. Soulside is a pathway to share that knowledge and help people on their own journeys.

Thank you for taking this journey with us.

If you have any questions about our brand, products, or want to get more involved with Soulside, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We look forward to connecting with you.