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Box Set: Energy, Recovery & Sleep

One solution to optimize your days and nights

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Made in Montana  ✦  100% Organic + Vegan  ✦  Spagyric Extraction

simple and complete program that helps you power through your day with clean energy, optimizes your recovery, and then glides you into a restful sleep. Loaded with phytonutrients and highly soluble minerals, think of these tinctures as micro-dosing herbs at a deep cellular level to nourish and harmonize your energetic states, boost your energy and immunity, and offer whole system support.

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  • Clean Energy

    Green Coffee


    Maral Root

    Cayenne Pepper



    Yerba Mate

    Kava Kava

  • Full Recovery




    Goji Berries

    Gotu Kola


  • Sweet Slumber

    Valerian Root

    Chamomile Flower

    California Poppy


    Skullcap Flower


    Linden Flower


Adaptogenic Plants for Daily Energy

Clean Energy Ingredients: Cane Alcohol*, Vegetable Glycerin*, Green Coffee Beans*, Yerba Mate*, Kava Kava Root*, Maral Root*, Rhodiola Root*, Cordyceps Mushroom*, Passionflower*, Cayenne Pepper*, *organically sourced

Full Recovery Ingredients: Cane Alcohol*, Vegetable Glycerin*, Gotu Kola*, Lingzhi (Reishi) Mushroom*, Turmeric Root*, Goji Berries*, Malaysian Gingseng*, Boswellia*, *organically sourced

Sweet Slumber Ingredients: Cane Alcohol*, Vegetable Glycerin*, Cali Poppy*, Hops Flower*, Skullcap Leaves*, Passionflower Flower*, Valerian Root*, Chamomile Flower*, Cinnamon*,  *organically sourced

Clean Energy

The Pre-Work/Pre-Workout solution for energy, clarity, endurance, focus and stamina.

Green Coffee - antioxidant-rich with mild caffeine effect for energy and alertness

Cordyceps - adaptogenic fungi to boost exercise performance

Maral Root - adaptogenic herb to modulate stress hormones and increase strength, endurance, muscle mass and cognitive function. 

Cayenne Pepper - vasodilating plant that improves oxygen and nutrient delivery

Passionflower - calms nervouse system to reduce any jitters

Rhodiola - stress-regulating herb with over 140 active ingredients that fight fatigue & improve mind and body performance

Yerba Mate - with a moderate amount of caffeine, this plant boosts energy and mental focus and enhances physical performance

Kava Kava - calming and euphoric effect, while also driving a sense of invigoration, focus and endurance

Full Recovery

The Post-Work/Post-Workout recovery blend to help repair tissues, build muscle and boost brain health. 

Boswellia - antioxidant anti-inflammatory to reduce pain and soreness

Ginseng - fights fatigue & builds muscle

Turmeric - antioxidant to reduce muscle soreness and improve body/brain function

Goji Berries - vitamins & minerals for athletic performance and mood

Gotu Kola - collagen production & cognitive repair

Reishi - adaptogen for immunity & fatigue

Sweet Slumber

The natural sleep aid to trump all the others. Targets both body and mind barriers to sleep by encouraging nervous system relaxation, soothing a busy mind and relieving tension and pain in the body.

Valerian Root - soothes nervous system 

Chamomile Flower - muscle relaxing & calming

California Poppy - calms overexcitement, muscular tension, restlessness and pain

Passionflower - helps symptoms of anxiety and insomnia

Skullcap Flower - nerve tonic for “deeper” action on the nervous system

Cinnamon - powerful antioxidant and blood sugar regulation

Hops - included to help stay asleep by decreasing nocturnal activity

Jumpstart your day

Clean Energy is formulated to optimize your physiology and mindset. It increases vasodilation, opens up the lungs, and helps to clear brain fog without making you feel anxious or causing an afternoon crash, making it a healthier solution for sustainable all day energy and clarity.

Image of surfers at the beach in the back of a truck taking Soulside energy tincture before a surf session

Recover faster, play harder.

Avoid that afternoon crash and that urge for caffeine or sugar to get you through the day. Formulated for smart and rapid cellular recovery - helps keep inflammation, muscle soreness and cognitive irritation at bay so that we feel our best in the in-between moments that count.

Sleep better, naturally.

Sleep is a core pillar of health, yet so many of us struggle to get consistent rejuvenating nighttime rest. You need a natural solution that actually works and doesn't leave you feeling impaired in the morning. Sweet Slumber offers a natural and potent alternative for falling asleep and staying asleep all night long.

Our tinctures are made with 100% organic herbs and ingredients sourced from reputable and sustainability-focused facilities that share our passion for quality. You can trust that if it is in our tincture, it is an ingredient that supports your health and the health of the environment.
Our tinctures aren’t just organic and all-natural, they go above and beyond the typical quality you find in a grocery store. Each tincture is small-batch produced using a rare and ancient alchemical process called Spagyric extraction to create powerful full spectrum tinctures that are the most potent and powerful available on the market.
We stand behind everything we make. If you are not fully satisfied with one of your products, please contact us. We encourage your honest feedback, as we look to continually improve our products and experience. Tinctures are not returnable; keep the unused portion and give us feedback as to why it didn’t work for you.
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