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Full Recovery

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Jumpstart your recovery with potent blend of adaptogenic and anti-inflammatory plants, so that tomorrow you can work hard and play hard once again. Full Recovery promotes muscle repair, sustained energy, and an uplifted mood and is best used after a workout or long work session. Easy to use at home or on the go, it's a perfect complement to our Clean Energy tincture.


Image of surfers at the beach in the back of a truck taking Soulside energy tincture before a surf session

Recover faster, play harder.

Formulated for smart and rapid cellular recovery - helps keep inflammation, muscle soreness and cognitive irritation at bay so that we feel our best in the in-between moments that count.

How to

DIRECTIONS: Shake Well. Place 1/2 - 2 full droppers under the tongue and let it absorb. We encourage adjusting the dosage +/- to achieve your desired effect.

WHEN TO TAKE: 1 - 3 times/day: take after workouts, work or times of exertion for a recovery boost that improves cognitive function, prevents soreness, builds muscle, lifts energy, and improves mood.

HOW IT WORKS: Phytonutrients and minerals from the plants cross right into the bloodstream under your tongue, promoting fast absorption of dense nutrients that support tissue healing, muscle growth and uplifted mood.

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